Zero Level Marketing


I listened to an MLSP wake up call last week that really inspired me! It was one from Diane Hockman and she spoke about ‘Zero Level Marketing’.

What is your zero level marketing?

We all go through personal problems every now and again. Money doesn’t stop relationship issues, people dying and all the other big and little things that life throws at us. But, does that mean your business should stop?

Stepping back isn’t stepping off. Sometimes we need to take time out. Sometimes it’s hard to even write a sentence for a blog, or post an image to Facebook and send one person a message. But if you completely stop, your online presence fades, your fans and followers find someone else to inspire them and you are back to square one!

So zero level marketing, as Diane explained it, is taking a step back, but still doing the BARE MINIMUM. Keeping your online presence ALIVE, keeping your fans and followers happy and keeping your business going.

You disappear, your fans and followers will disappear… And you have to start again from scratch!

So when you are going through a rough patch in life, like we all do, have your zero level marketing plan set out. Diane said in the wake up call, hers was to connect with 10 new people each day, message her email list each day and share a piece of content each day. Not to go all out promo style but just to recommend a webinar or something, share someone else’s content and add a paragraph of her own. Just really simple stuff that doesn’t take up any time or too many brain cells lol. It keeps you out there!

This is something I’m definitely taking on board and you absolutely should too! It seems a shame to waste all the hard work put in to building your business and online presence, only to have it all drift away, slip through your fingertips because of a personal problem… Which WILL get better, it always does :)

So… What is your ‘zero level marketing’???

My advice… Have your plan set out for when those unavoidable bad times come and you can keep building your business! :)

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