Video Marketing In 3 Easy Steps


I’ve been sharing some video marketing tips in my Online Marketing Tips group this week. Video is so important if you really want to build a successful online business! Your video’s don’t have to be perfect, in fact your first few, I guarantee, will be terrible! Mine were. But you don’t need any fancy equipment, you don’t have to take them all too seriously, just do them and have fun with it. Believe me, you NEED to start doing video’s!

So I’ve put together these 3 steps I have learned and implemented myself to get you going with your video marketing. Start today! :)

Step 1…

Research your target market. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find out what people are searching for. Just type in ‘Google Keyword Planner’ into the Google search bar. Visit forums, relating to your niche and find out what people are talking about. What are they struggling with? What are their pains, problems and challenges? Look in Facebook groups too. You want to base your content on the solution to their pains, problems and challenges. Create a list of topics for content.

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Step 2…

Create video content. Now you need to start creating your video’s. No fancy equipment needed, a smartphone will do! You may feel uncomfortable, but you just need to do it! My first video took me some time and I felt so out of my comfort zone! You can read about my experience here.

Use this 4 step blueprint I learned from Mark Harbert to create your video’s

  1. Introduce yourself: e.g Hey, It’s Kirsty from
  2. Ask the question: Nail the pain point: e.g ‘Are you tired of struggling to generate leads and sales in your business?’
  3. Answer the question, your solution to their pain! e.g ‘I recently discovered an attraction marketing system that helps you to brand yourself, build your online presence and does a lot of the work for you! Attraction marketing is based on content, providing value to attract people to you! All the top earners and leaders are doing this and you should too!’
  4. Finish with a call to action (CTA) Your CTA is telling your viewers what you want them to do next. It could be like, comment below, get your free PDF, register for this webinar, ANYTHING you want them to do next! e.g ‘If you want to know how you can build your online brand, attract people to you and generate MORE leads and sales in YOUR business, then click the link below, thanks for watching’

WARNING! Don’t click this link if you’re already getting too many leads! Learn how to get more leads HERE.

Step 3…

Promote your video. Now you need to get eyeballs on your video. You could use Facebook, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Titter ads, other social medias, pop it in a blog post, and of course Youtube!

With Facebook, keep them short and sweet. It’s a fast paced world is social media and people have around 8 second attention spams! You could post them in groups relevant to your niche. Youtube, you can make longer video’s and they stick around too, creating residual leads for your business 😉

The most important thing is getting started. Procrastination is your worst enemy, go make a video! :)

Hope that helped you, let me know?

Until next time,


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