Think Outside The Box To Attract Your Target Market!


It can be a struggle pin pointing who your target market is… But you really need to do that first, before anything else!

Simply saying ‘My target market is a work a home mum’, or ‘Someone who is trying to lose weight’, just doesn’t cut it. You need to be as specific as possible.

Personally, I help network marketers with getting started online the right way and to start generating leads and sales through attraction marketing methods and social media. So my perfect prospect/client is a network marketer, who has struggled getting any results online, or is maybe transitioning from offline to online methods. Someone who has gone through their list of 100 and hates the idea of going up to strangers in shopping malls to prospect them about their business (something ALL companies tell you to do!). Someone who feels like they have tried everything and is ready to push their business forward…

So I hope that gives you some idea on how specific you need to be?!

If the above sounds like you then feel free to contact me to see if I can help :)

What next?

Well next, you need to find out their pains, problems and challenges to be able to then, create value based content to attract these people to you.

You need to think outside the box for this and there are some really easy ways to find out these pains, problems and challenges. All it takes is a bit of research.

So firstly, you could look at forums online, relevant to your niche. People usually use forums to receive or offer support. So just have a look in there and find out where your ideal prospect/client is struggling. What questions are they asking?

Second way is to use the Google Keyword Planner. Check out my video demo for this here. You can search for keywords and then actually find out all the different search terms people are actually searching for in Google’s search engine! Not only could you spend a bit of time in here making a list of topics to base your content around, but you can also use these keywords in your titles and descriptions to help them rank better in Google! 😉

You can also use Facebook groups. Not the spammy one’s, but the type’s of groups where people actually communicate. First you have to find these groups, using Facebook’s search bar (watch my video demo on this one here), then, make yourself known in there by offering advice, getting to know people and also finding out their questions… Their pains, problems and challenges.

Click Bank is a great way to come up with content idea’s too. Watch my video demo on this here. This one is great because you can actually find out what people are BUYING! Take a look at the sales pages of the products with the highest gravity and popularity… These are the top sellers. Take notes and use some of the copy for your own content…

Finally… Magazines and books! When you go to the shops, take a look at the magazines placed near the counters and at the end of aisle, these are the top sellers! Especially for weight loss and beauty! There are new one’s out each week so you could never run out of content idea’s using this method!

I hope you have found this post useful for target market research and coming up with content ideas?

Have a great day,


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