The BIG Problem In MLM


The BIG problem when trying to build an MLM type business online is branding! What I’ve realised after everything I have learned during my online journey, is that you really NEED to brand yourself and have an email list!

How many people have you invited to look at your business or website and they’ve said ‘not at the moment’, ‘no thanks’, ‘no, no, no’.

‘NO’ or ‘not right now’ is something we, as network marketers, hear on a regular basis. It’s all part of the job right?

How many of those people have come back to you at a later date wanting more info or to buy? How many have gone to someone else at a later date and bought or joined the company?

Whether this applies to you right now or not… This happens ALL the time!

Why is having an email list so important? And what has it got to do with building your MLM business?

When you introduce someone to your product or service, you would send them to your website, right? The very same website every other rep in your company has! It’s branded to the company and not you. So what is the big problem with this? And how can it be solved?

Well, when you brand your company, you are just seen as ‘another one of those reps’. It doesn’t make you stand out at all! Yes people may take a look but then they can do a Google search later and order from ‘another one of those reps’. There are thousands of reps in each of the MLM companies who are ALL trying to promote their business online… So you better stand out from the crowd huh?!

So instead of sending people to your company branded website, why not be different and send them to a landing page, where they can collect their free gift in exchange for their email address? Your free gift could be anything from a little ebook/PDF to a video series. Doing this will brand YOU and give you instant authority in your niche as well as build your email list! It could be about anything! Find a problem your target market has and create your ebook based on the solutions to solve that problem. e.g 10 ways to get more video views, 5 ways to lose belly fat, how to get rid of toe nail fungus, positive affirmations, just be creative!

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When you build your email list, all you need to do is keep in touch and follow up with your readers. Keep offering VALUE to your list based on your target markets problems, invite them to webinars, let them know of your current deals and savings etc. This will build the know, like and trust factor with your readers and keep you in their minds! No more losing customers to those other reps who are all doing the same thing as each other. They may not buy from you straight away but if they are going to buy, you can be sure they will buy from someone they trust!

So do a little research and take a look at the ebook training above to get started and STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! :)

Have a fab day!


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