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It’s been a very busy month here for me, what with Kahlan, the boy’s, appointment’s etc so I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks! I’ve been getting on with my matched betting and helping others to get started too and it’s going really well. It’s keeping us swimming after the terrible end to 2016 leaving me with not much income! While it’s nice having that ‘safety net’ there, knowing I can provide for my family at the drop of a hat, it was never part of my long term plan or dream!

In between matched betting and family stuff, I’ve been busy with my notepad and pen and planning my future… Sketching it out. You see, when things went bad, I couldn’t see a way out. I was really struggling and then I saw a coaching package a friend was doing and she needed beta testers. It came at just the right time for me and was an absolute bargain too! I still have a couple of weeks to go with it but have learnt so much already.

Busy, busy, busy…. How many times have I said that now?!

There are actually 2 types of busy…

1. ‘Doing busy’, getting shit done, making good use of your time, being productive.

2. ‘Being busy’, wasting your time, getting distracted by Facebook newsfeed, notifications, emails.

One thing I have learnt on this coaching course is… I was doing far too much of number 2! Which one are you?

The second thing and something I want to share with you today, is starting your day the RIGHT way. Not picking up the phone and checking your emails, or what everyone is up to on Facebook! 😛

Have you heard of the book ‘The Miracle Morning?’ I actually haven’t read this book yet but I’ve watched some video’s and we were taught this simple process in the coaching course. It goes like this…







In an ideal scenario you would spend an hour on this first thing on a morning but you could easily start with 6 minutes and work your way up (1 minute for each) This is something I’ve been working on during the course and it just needs to become a ‘habit’ now. No need to do it in any particular order, just whatever works for you. I’ve found that when I do this routine in the morning I AM SO MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE throughout the day!

So what does it all mean?

Silence is meditation. If you’ve never done this before, I can almost GUARANTEE you will find it difficult to sit still! But it get’s easier the more you do it. You literally just sit in a comfortable position for 5-10 with your eye’s closed and focus on your breathing. You could even use a guided meditation from Youtube or a CD for example if you can’t bare the silence :)

Affirmations are something we have been focusing on ALOT during this coaching course. They need to be right for you and YOUR words. Take some time out and write down thing’s you would like to change in your life. I have an affirmation for health, personal, family and work and just say them, either aloud or in your head. It may feel alien at first but when you start to BELIEVE in what you are saying, it shows it’s working! Just to give you a really simple example, it could be something like this: ‘I live a happy, healthy life. I love myself completely. People and money come to me all the time’. Show yourself some love!

Visualisations is you basically ‘living’ in your vision. Where are you going? What do you want to achieve? Who will you become? The whole point of visualisation is to ‘be’ the person you want to become. ‘Live’ the life you want to live, ‘feel’ the emotions that come with it… But in your head, right now, every day. Some people can do this by closing their eyes and others need a visual aid to help them, like a vision board. It’s all down to personal preference so have some fun with the gluestick and some magazines if you need to 😉

Exercise… Do I really need to explain this one? Just drop and give me 10! LOL ESPECIALLY if you are tired!

Reading personal development books daily will really help you with your mindset. Well the whole process does actually. Even if it’s just a page or 2 (I’m a very slow reader so I struggle to do more than that!) Watching a motivational video is something I replace this with sometimes. It’s so much easier listening when Kahlan is about! Although I do try to do it before she and the rest of the house get up.

Scribing is writing. Just simple, positive thing’s. Maybe 3 thing’s you are grateful for that day. Positive thing’s that have happened. Whatever you like really but just keep it positive! I sometimes do the reading and writing parts of the routine before bed, it just suits me that way someday’s.

Does this help you? More importantly, will you implement it? Maybe set your alarm 15mins to an hour earlier than usual… Not enough time is a pretty lame excuse! Hehe!

Speak soon!

Kirsty :)

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