My Super Simple, 6 step DMO! KISS KISS KISS! (Keep it simple stupid)


In my last post I spoke about productivity and gave you 5 tips for getting MORE done in LESS time! That’s all well and good but do you actually know what you need to be doing each day to grow your business? If you do, are you consistent with it?

You need a DMO, a Daily Method of Operation. I’ve seen people use WMO, a Weekly Method of Operation. They both work in the exact same way. A DMO is the activity or activities you do on a consistent daily basis to grow your business.

These are the 7 things I focus on daily in my business

Personal Development

This is the most important one on my list. Without the right mindset, the business is over! I know this from experience. It took me a long time to get going again when I had to… Because I got complacent with my mindset work when things were going good! Mindset before marketing always!

Building New Relationships

This is next on my list. Without meeting people, without building relationships, the ‘Know, Like and Trust Factor’, my business won’t grow. To make money, I need to make sales of some kind, whether that be of products, services, a business opportunity etc. And that brings me onto the next…

Invite, Follow up, Close

If I don’t make the offer, I won’t make the sale! I only offer if I see a need/want/good fit now. I used to pitch everyone I spoke to after building the relationship, but that didn’t get me very far! If they actually did say yes to say, a business opportunity, they probably didn’t do anything! These are skills I’ve developed along the way. I still mess up sometimes though!

I’ve actually lost a few people through the net when I’ve left it too late to invite… And then discovered later, they had joined the business or bought the product!

Same with following up and closing. A lot of sales are made after more than 3 exposures. So always go back to collect the decision. I have a rule with this though, my time is precious! If I go back to someone more than 3 times, whether that’s through messenger, cancelled calls etc and they still haven’t looked, decided, haven’t had time etc. Whatever excuse they give! I leave it there. Chances are, if they’re giving the excuses now, they probably will in the future! Do I really want the extra work?!

Content Creation

I try to create content daily. If I don’t then I at least share someone else’s and put my own spin on it. I like to do Facebook Live’s, videos and blogging, those are my main 3 but I’ve found written status updates work quite well too. I think it’s good to have a mix as some prefer to read and others prefer to watch or listen. The important thing with creating content is to make sure it’s VALUABLE and you have a call to action. It’s pretty pointless just posting content for the sake of it.

Posting and Sharing Content

Once you’ve created it, you need eyeballs on it. I’ll share some to my Facebook group, my Fan page and profile. Other groups relevant to your niche are good places to post to and get more eyes on it too. To be honest I need to do this a lot more! I watched a training webinar recently and they taught 80% promotion, 20% creation and it makes perfect sense! We want people to see it right?!


This is the final part of my DMO, engagement. When using Social Media to build your business, you need to keep visible, you want people to remember you. So engage with your friends by having a quick scroll through your newsfeed… But don’t get sucked in for the next hour! LOL Get in contact with those who’ve liked or commented on your posts. (If you aren’t getting any likes or comments on your posts then we have a serious problem!) Go over to the leaders pages and groups in your niche and make yourself known. This doesn’t need to take all day, just 20 minutes here and there, giving value, striking up conversation and making new connections :)

Remember to just keep things simple and just know it will take time for your business to grow and your face to be recognised. There is no such thing as a magic wand or quick fix when building an online business. You just have to be consistent… Believe me, I’ve tried all that stuff and WASTED lots of money doing it!

Hope you got value? Let me know in the comments :)


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