My Online Journey 6 Months In- Chapter 2…


If you did get to read chapter one yet, you can read it HERE :)

The journey continues…

So things were going right for me in my network marketing business, I was building a big team and doing really well. I’d almost replaced my old part time income by my deadline of July 2016 and felt great! BUT…

I was all over the place, I felt lost. I had what the pro’s call ‘shiney object syndrome’. I was joining everything left, right and center! I was always ‘busy’ but never felt I’d got anything done. I was spiraling out of control! I wanted to take the next step, to go further in my business, but didn’t know where to start…

And then I came across a group on Facebook, a couple of them actually. They were giving out free marketing tips, checklists and all sorts! I followed them for a few weeks and built up a good relationship with a couple of them. One of them handed me the Free Online Network Marketers Blueprint and I got stuck into the trainings. It was amazing and I discovered all these people running the free tips groups I’d found were part of a community called the Networking Superstars. I loved what they were doing and wanted in!

I’d always been so scared about spending money in my business and couldn’t quite get my head around it but decided to invest in the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro course with some of the money I’d made from matched betting. Since then, I’ve actually learned the importance of investing into yourself and your business… Which was quite hard for a typical Yorkshire lass like me but it certainly shortens the learning curve! Lol Baby steps…

I started getting into a better routine and being more productive with my available time… Which had a knock on effect with my actual working hours, which have reduced drastically!

I also joined some of the well known leaders in the network marketing industry in an attraction marketing and marketing training system called MLSP (My Lead System Pro). It has changed everything for me and was definitely the right step for me to take to push my business forward. There are so many features included in this site… Your very own blog and hosting, done for you system campaigns to give value and promote your business, the funnelizer to create your own capture pages (essential to building an email list), a CRM (customer relations manager), access to tonnes of training on every online marketing strategy you could possibly think of and much more!

Feel Ready To Step Up In Your Business? Take The MLSP $10 10 Day Trial Now!

Between being a part of the Networking Superstars, MLSP and Partnership to Success communities, I have massively grown in confidence, made some amazing friendships, learned how to market myself the right way and feel incredibly positive about the future for me and my family.

With a much better routine and a sense of direction, I decided to hop back into the Partnership to Success program and feel like I know exactly where I’m headed now. I should have my very first information product finished by the end of this year… Fingers crossed! So the huge detour I took, the ‘shiney object syndrome’, the loss of direction, the money spent, the failures and mini successes, were all a part of the path, my journey, to get to where I am today.

I’m 100% certain that more of the rough times will come, more rejection and failures too… But I know now, I have what it takes. I will succeed. I will keep growing. I will never lay down and I will never stop.

It’s become more that just replacing my part time income now… I’m building the life of my dreams!

I want to say a massive thank you to my Dad, Randy Smith, my mentor Danny Young, my Husband Purdie and all my readers! Without you guys… I’d be rolling around in my own shit 😛

Love you all!


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