My Online Journey- 6 Months In… Chapter 1


Well it’s been 6 months since I started blogging about my online income journey and it’s gone really fast! I’ve loved every minute of it but it certainly hasn’t been easy! I’ve fallen for a couple of scams, had tonnes of rejection, my marriage was hanging by a thread and I didn’t earn a penny for months! But… I’m still here, I didn’t let any of that get me down, my marriage is better than ever and I’m actually earning an income! YAY!

It took my entire pregnancy and 3 months of Kahlan being born to actually find something! She was my WHY. I wanted nothing more than to be able to stay at home and be a mum to her… But There were bills that still needed to be paid!

So, I found matched betting first, back in March. While it isn’t really something I would call a regular income to rely on, it still earned around £2000. With that, I was able to have a few treats with the family and invest into my business and myself later on down the line…

My Dad told me about the Partnership to Success Program, after a stressed out and pretty desperate phone call, which is where my blog came from. I learned so many things from this 12 month course, which I’m only a quarter of the way through. It’s an Internet Marketing course and really helped a complete beginner like me go from barely being able to copy and paste, to creating a blog, building an email list, creating capture pages and so much more! I must admit, when I got to the product creation phase at week 9, I got a little stuck and drifted off…

Around the same time that I started matched betting, I also found network marketing again! I’ve been in this business around 10 years on and off but never really made anything off it until I came online and learned some cool stuff!

The first network marketing company I joined turned out to be a complete disaster! Full of lie’s and a complete waste of money. If they had kept to their promises it could have been a great business, but they didn’t… Failure number 1!

In between then and now, I’ve joined a couple of HYIP type programs, where you invest money and it’s supposed to come back with interest… Both sites disappeared within days and took my money :( … Failures number 2 & 3

I would not be defeated! I got up and tried again!

The second network marketing company I joined though, completely SNOWBALLED from the word go! It’s where most of my income comes from now and I feel so blessed. It didn’t just ‘happen’ for me though. I’d already gone through my ‘warm’ market of friends and family with the first failed company only 2 months before, so didn’t want to go there again! I’m sure many of you can relate to this one right???

So, I had to think fast! I started growing my network and building relationships with people through Facebook, I LOVE FACEBOOK! I wouldn’t have a business without it LOL I spent ALL my time in private messenger between June and July, building my business. Every moment was a ‘working’ moment, that is when the arguments started at home. I tried to explain to my husband that what I was doing was building us a future, a really good future. And he just said, ‘Well what about now?!’

To be fair, he was right. Work was sucking up all my time but I had a deadline to meet. By July 2016, my maternity leave would end and I would be bringing in NOTHING. So we agreed that I would keep going until then. Day time… Messaging, Night feeds… Messaging and LOTS of learning too!

It worked! I was starting to see some earnings and so reduced my working hours dramatically! :) Things are much better now… I do have to keep my phone out of reach during family time though LOL

I came across a wonderful and supportive community called the Networking Superstars recently and wanted to be a part of it pretty much straight away! Since then, big things have happened for me!

And that’s where I will leave it today,

To be continued! Watch out for my next post and sign up to my list if you don’t want to miss out! 😉


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