My 50th Blog Post! And Why Every Home Business Owner Should Be Blogging Too…


This is my 50th blog post and I want to share with you why you should be blogging too. If, like me, you have a home business, then you need a blog. Here’s why…

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You own it!

Your blog and email list go hand in hand and are the only 2 things you actually OWN online. Your social media channels, whichever they are, aren’t owned by you. I’ve seen and heard many cases where people have had their accounts closed down for one reason or another. Imagine if that happened to you… You’ve built up a following on say, Facebook, over a few months/years and started getting some good results, the leads are coming in and then suddenly, they decide they don’t like something you’re doing and CLOSE DOWN YOUR ACCOUNT! All your hard work GONE! POOF! What would you do?

Of course, you would have to set up and start again! Demotivating though right? But what if you had been blogging alongside that? Slowly building up an email list using your blog and social media platforms? You would have customers there, ready and waiting to buy your products, to at least tied you over until you can get your social media back up and running.

This is reason enough in itself to get set up with blogging!

It gives you INSTANT authority in your niche…

Blogging helps to build the know, like and trust factor with your readers which in turn, will become your customers! People will buy from people they know, like and trust. Not only that, blogging also gives you INSTANT authority and credibility in your niche. Now, you don’t have to be an expert to deliver value to the market place. This is a misconception. All you need to do is invest a bit of time and/or money into learning your chosen subject and teach it back. By delivering value like that to your audience, you are building up your authority, credibility and your BRAND. Your audience will love you for it!

It’s also great content to share on social media, which could get you even more traffic when your audience loves the content you are putting out there and decide to share it themselves… Making your posts (and your name) go VIRAL! How cool is that?!

It’s a great lead generating tool…

For this you need an email list and a lead magnet too. This could be anything from an ebook, an ecourse or a PDF. You just have to spend a little bit of time creating your lead magnet. Learn how to easily create an ebook here. Then all you need to do is place an opt in form onto your blog so you can make the exchange, your ebook for their email address. Building your list is probably one of the most IMPORTANT and PROFITABLE things you could do for your online home business. You email your list regularly and keep building the relationship, which will in turn lead to those sales!

Your posts are permanently online…

Unlike social media, where you post in the morning, get a few likes and comments and then it’s disappeared into the news feed within 24 hours, your blog posts are there permanently! They never go away! It has been know for many bloggers, to receive commissions  on something they have promoted 2-4 YEARS ago! Which brings me onto the next benefit, which is…


That’s right! You can earn an income THROUGH your blog! You will be building the know, like and trust factor with your audience AND generating leads who will become paying customers (not all, but some). You can also add links within your blog posts to products and services you recommend/sell and place banners on your blog, which can also earn you money. For example… The first banner at the side of my blog takes you to a matched betting site I use to earn an extra income. When someone clicks through that link and creates an account, I earn £5.93 for promoting it. Just think of how many £5.93 commissions you could have coming through for doing absolutely nothing, except popping a banner on your blog! It soon builds up and is another income stream. I’m a huge fan of multiple income streams… And blogging :)

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Get blogging 😉

See you soon,


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