How To Use Instagram For Business- Part 1


I’ve been talking Instagram in my Online Marketing Tips Facebook Community last week and wanted to share these tips with you!

I’m fairly new to Instagram and I’ve been following these tips myself and built my following to almost 1000 pretty quickly!

Instagram is a great way to build your following and online presence and is the most engaging of all the social media’s. So here’s some tips to get you started.

Instagram account- Business or Personal?

My preference and what I absolutely recommend you do, is have a business account. You can easily switch from personal to business in your settings and there are so many benefits to making this switch!

Adding a contact button… You will have a contact button right next to the follow button on your profile. You can add your email or phone number so clients/prospects can easily contact you if they want to.

Connecting to your Facebook fan page… With a personal account, you can connect it to your Facebook profile, so whatever you post on Instagram, you can tick off to also post to your Facebook profile. With a business account, you can connect it to your Facebook Fan page!

Insights to measure your engagement… You can check out the insights and use this to measure the engagement of your posts. A great way to see what your followers are loving! You can also see what times your followers are online, so find out the best times to post!

You can promote your posts… Just like Facebook ads, you can promote your Instagram posts to reach more people or promote a product/service!

Watch my video on profile set up and switching over to a business account HERE.

Profile Set Up…

Ok, so you want your Username to match your other social media profiles where possible and it MUST be your own name to brand YOU, or your company name if you OWN your company. Also a nice picture of you, matching your other social media accounts if possible.

Next, you need to fill out your bio. You bio contains the ONLY clickable link in your Instagram account, so you really need to put some thought into this. Make sure your clickable link is a blog, capture page or Facebook group, you need to keep the relationship building process going.

Write out your bio in your phones notepad/memo first as you want to make it appear more vertical to draw the eye down to your amazing content! Also make it pleasing to the eye and make use of a few emoji’s :)

Make it a killer converting bio. Let people know what you do, what you are about, YOUR BRAND and don’t forget your call to action!

Watch my video on profile set up and switching over to a business account HERE.


As with everything in business, you NEED to be consistent. So decide how many times per day you are going to post, I recommend 3x per day. Also the times of day you are going to post.

You can create some AMAZING images using an app called word swag, which I personally love and use. I also use an online app from my PC called ‘Banner and Graphics Wizard’… Watch my video demo of this one here. Get your 50% OFF coupon here, where you can have this for a one off payment of less than $10! 😉

Happy posting!

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