How To Sell On Facebook!


I wanted to share with you the simple 3 step formula for growing your business and selling on Facebook!

Remember this and you will go far!


1. Build Audience

Build and grow your network. Create content that solves your target audiences pains, problems and challenges.
Share this content across your social media’s, in groups etc and have a call to action.

2. Engage Audience

Connect with your audience. Respond to comments, likes and strike up conversations. Build the know, like and trust factor. Help people and lead with value! Keep them coming back for more

3. Sell/Serve Audience

People don’t like to be sold to so stick to the 80/20 rule. If your profile looks like a commercial, you’re doing it wrong.
You have something your target audience wants or needs, this is where your call to action comes in.

When you’ve built your audience, started to create content, worked at being visible by engaging with them…

They will start to know, like and trust you. Results won’t happen over night though, attraction marketing takes time and consistency (which isn’t easy!) Lol

Your call to action could be anything you want them to do next.

Opt in to an offer (build your email list)
Join your group (I see these as email lists on a more personal level)
PM , comment for more info on blah blah… Which will get the conversation going.

Just make it super simple!

So let’s put this into action…

What is your end goal? You want to build your email list? Build your Facebook group? Facebook fan page? Recruit more reps into your business? Get some calls booked in? Sell a product?

Let’s say you want to build your fan page.

First you need more likes… Invite your friends to like your page and create a page likes campaign with Facebook ads… Let Facebook do the work of putting YOU in front of your target audience. ($5 per day is enough)

Now you have a few likes (you’ve built your audience) Next, you need to create content which solves their problems (engage your audience)

Then you need your call to action, maybe a freebie to get them onto your email list (sell audience)

Next time you go live, share a blog post, or other piece of content, you can email your list about it! Which drives traffic to your page, keeps them coming back and seeing your face, loving your stuff… Building the know, like and trust factor… And buying your stuff!

See how simple this stuff is? We do overcomplicate things don’t we?

Results don’t come overnight, just keep focused on the action!

Did you get value? Let me know in the comments :)


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