How To Build INSTANT Rapport With Your Network Marketing Prospects!


Are you building your business on Facebook? Or trying to? Are you making new connections with people each day? Here’s some tips on Building INSTANT rapport with your prospects!

First I want to go into something which has been annoying me a bit just lately. Someone adds you as a friend and you accept. You then go to start a conversation with them and…. NOTHING. Worse still, they add you to their group!!! You can tell from their profile they are in network marketing and yet, there is NO networking going on.

If they had bothered to take the time to make contact with me or at least REPLY to my message and get a conversation going, then maybe I would have bought from them? Maybe I would have joined their team? Maybe they would have made a new friend? Or maybe, I would have shared with them some of my tips so they could actually learn HOW to build a business on Facebook!

If you are doing this then I urge you to stop, it’s like going to a shop and having to deal with a snotty nosed, miserable till assistant… I wouldn’t go back, would you? Complete silence isn’t going to build you a business either… Get my point?

Ok so how do you build INSTANT rapport with your prospects? This works really well if your prospect fills in their profile correctly, which I URGE you to do. When connecting with someone new, take the extra step of having a scroll over their profile. Have a look at their interests, do they have a family? Have they recently married, had a baby, graduated, moved house, had a Birthday? There are so many things you can use to start a conversation off. Maybe they live close to you or in a place you have always wanted to visit?

I’ll use myself as an example. Take a look at my Facebook profile (Feel free to connect but don’t forget to say hi! I have over 700 unanswered friend request’s and am quite choosy, a PM will get you added 😉 )

Now what do you see? My profile picture is of me and my baby, my cover photo is one of the happiest day’s of my life. I’m obviously a family girl and LOVE to talk about them. Have a scroll down and you will see all my watermarked images, I have a blog, love blogging and LOVE talking about blogging. Ask me about it? There are so many ways you can start a conversation, find common ground or compliment the person you’re trying to connect with.

Admittedly, there are some profiles out there which lack information, they haven’t been filled out correctly so it can be hard with these to start a conversation. Ask them how was their weekend? Maybe they have a pretty cover photo, ask them where it was taken. Just be creative in your approach, it’s much better than the usual, ‘Hi, great to connect, how are you?’ Although if you can’t find ANYTHING to talk about then this is better than no conversation at all lol.

Not everyone will join your business. Not everyone will buy your products. Not everyone will even like you! But the more people you speak to, the bigger your network grows. The bigger your network grow, the bigger your business grows!

Until next time…

Kirsty :)

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