How To Achieve Your Goals For 2017!


I hope you’ve had a great Christmas! We celebrated Kahlan’s first birthday yesterday! All the family came round and she got spoilt with prezzie’s, cuddles and chocolate cake!

I’ve had just over a week off and feel refreshed and ready to plan and take on 2017! This is the perfect time to plan your goals for next year and start the year off with a BANG and I’m going to show you how!

It’s pretty easy to set yourself a goal or a few goals, but many struggle with the ‘how’…

The best way to do this is to ‘reverse engineer your goals’. Start with the end goal in mind and break it all down. I’m going to use an income goal as an example. You can take this for any goal though. Most goals have a ‘price tag’ attached to them… New house, new car, family holiday etc.

Let’s say you want to earn $10,000 per month by the end of 2017 and become one of the many 6 figure earners on the internet. If we break it up into manageable chucks of 12 week goals. There are 4 of those in the year, so each 12 week period, you need to increase your income by $2500. If we divide that by 3, that’s $833 ish per month or 4 week period. $208 per week.

The next thing you need to work out is what you need to do to get to that figure. It’s either going to be recruit or sell! The more specific you can be with this, the better.

One of my income streams pay’s me $100 per month for each member I bring in. You also need to take into account that people will drop off. Not everyone will keep buying your product or keep doing the work needed to get the their own goals… So these need replacing (if they stay then it put’s you ahead!). So I’ll use this for my example…

For me to get to $2,500 by the end of March (my first 12 week period), I will need to recruit 25 members into this particular opportunity. Broken down into a 1 week period makes it 2 new members per week minimum.

It is said, in network marketing, that for every 10 people you present your opportunity to, around 1-2 will sign up. The more practice you get though, the higher this figure gets. So for a beginner, maybe 1/10 will sign up and a pro maybe 4/10. Let’s just stick to the minimum to ensure we reach our goals! Don’t forget to track your results so you can readjust for the next 12 month period! These are just averages though so you may speak to 20 and get nothing, you may also speak to 20 and get 10! Wouldn’t that be nice! 😉

So for me to sign up 2 people each week, I need to present the business to 20 people. If I’m only working and actively prospecting 5 days per week, then I need to show it to 4 people per day!

I aim to connect and build relationships with 10-20 people per day. A really important first step if you want to be successful in network marketing!

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Now the $10,000 per month end goal doesn’t seem so far fetched does it? Breaking it down into daily ACTION chunks makes it so much more manageable.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of these people come to YOU to ask YOU about your business? Learning how to marketing yourself online the RIGHT way is the key and you can gradually lessen the amount of active prospecting you need to do… When you become the ‘hunted’ instead of the ‘hunter’. Sound good? Check out this video and get started 😉

Let’s SMASH 2017!


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