Facebook Marketing- Are You Utilizing Facebook Live In Your Business?


For the last week I’ve been taking part in a Facebook LIVE challenge. 21 days of Facebook LIVE! Facebook marketing is a popular choice with the majority of marketers who are building their businesses online. It’s the largest social media platform and I personally have used Facebook to market and build my online business with success!

Video is also a great way to build your business online. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter these days and live streaming is becoming more and more popular. It will soon dominate the internet! If you aren’t utilizing Facebook live for your business, then you need to be! Don’t get left behind!

Social media is the place to get social. It’s a place people got to escape their problems, share, laugh and learn too!  People like to know about people. Facebook live is the perfect way to let people into your life, get to know you better and build that important know, like and trust factor.

Look at how popular reality TV is. People love watching behind the scenes of another’s life.

Facebook has started to give Facebook Live video’s priority in the newsfeed too so more of your friends and followers will get notified of you going live, meaning more people are seeing your stuff!

Another great advantage of live streaming is less work! Seriously! No more editing, no more fancy intro’s and outro’s to add… Just a simple push of one button and that’s it!

Here are just a few things to consider…

Your description… You want this to be intriguing because this is what will be the first thing people see, either when they get the notification that you’ve gone live, or when they’re scrolling through the newsfeed. This is what will get people curious enough to hit the play button.

The length of your video… I’ve noticed on mine so far that any more than 5 minutes long, don’t get as many views. Social media and life in general is pretty fast paced  these days, so nobody has time to sit and watch a 10+ minute video. So keep them short and sweet…. Unless you’re doing an interview or longer training and are expecting a lot of people to hop on anyway!

Keep to the point! I’m terrible for waffling on sometime, especially if I don’t take any notes first! LOL So maybe write down a few bullet points so you don’t miss anything out if you do go off track (like I do sometimes!)

Have a call to action! You are missing a trick if you’re not using a call to action in your video’s. People do need to be directed and if you don’t physically tell them to go visit your website, click your link, join your group, PM you for more, comment below etc…. Then they will just move onto the next!

Hope you got value?

If you want to get started on this or are already enjoying doing Live video, come and join us on our 21 day Facebook Live challenge. It’s so much fun and the support within the group is amazing! :)

Speak soon,

Kirsty :)

P.S If you’d like to learn how to brand yourself online, generate leads, get more sales and sign ups in your business then CLICK HERE. If you haven’t joined my Mums Mean Business group on Facebook yet, then you should! It’s a great place to be for all home biz mums (Dads too!), where I share my free tips daily and offer support and motivation to all! :)


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