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In today’s blog post I want to share with you my view on Facebook groups and why, I believe, they are the future for making money online using social media…

I started my group back in August 2016. Things were going great in my business but I wanted more and I wanted to help other people. I was super nervous at first, especially with creating content (in the form of video) but I knew it would be the ‘thing’ that would really push my business forward.

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A Facebook group is a great place for like minded people to come together to share things… Experiences, struggles, motivation, support. It can be anything you want to to be, as long as it’s community based. We humans love human interaction and to feel part of something, a community.

It’s a great place to build the know, like and trust factor, which is so important in this business and will make you stand out from the crowd.

To monetize your group, you simply need to follow the BA+EA=SA formula… Build audience, engage audience, sell/Serve audience.

Here are some things you need to consider before taking the plunge and starting your own group…

You need to be SUPER consistent. I took a break from mine after going through a bad phase in my life and business. It was a terrible mistake and I had to pretty much start from scratch! It took about 3 months to get the engagement back up again! It’s really demotivating when it seems like you’re talking to yourself for so long… But people are watching I PROMISE and they’ll soon start joining in :) So make sure you’re ready to commit to this, even if it seems nobody is there!

You need to stick to the 80/20 rule with your content. 80% value and lifestyle, 20%business/promotional. This is an absolute MUST! Nobody wants to be sold to, that is a FACT and especially on social media. If your group is salesy, people will stop coming and you’ll get no engagement. Give lots and lots of VALUE and make it fun too!

By giving lots of value inside your very own Facebook group, you are putting yourself out there as the expert and more and more people will become attracted to you. It builds your online authority just as well as your blog does. It’s like having a blog and an email list but on a much more personal level.

When setting up your group, be sure to add another trusted admin. Social media is great, but remember, we don’t own any of it and anything could happen! It isn’t completely unheard of for people being kick out of their own groups or losing their group all together. So make sure you have a back up plan… This is where the blog and email list come in very handy. You own them and if your members know where to find you then all is not lost 😉

Never add people to your group without their permission. Seriously, you will just piss people off! You can grow your group by inviting people while in conversation, posting a status about it, sharing it in other groups, telling your email list about it, telling your blog readers about it, sharing it on other social media platforms and YouTube etc… It will grow slowly but at least the people in there actually want to be in there!

Engagement is a really important thing to look out for in your Facebook group. If people aren’t engaging, ie liking, commenting and sharing, then there is a problem as Facebook won’t notify when you’ve posted. So keep track of the engagement in your group so you know which posts are working and which aren’t.

And just remember to not come off as salesy, nobody likes that! You CAN monetize your Facebook Group though, but you need to build the know, like and trust factor FIRST!

I hope you got value? Why not comment the link to your group below so we can check it out?

Feel free to share this with your friends and teams! :)

Until next time…

Kirsty :)

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