Duplication In Network Marketing – Bit Of A Rant!


I’m feeling a bit annoyed right now! I’ve been working properly online since April 2016 and prior to that I made all the mistakes everyone makes when they start to work their network marketing business online…. SPAM!

Before I learnt how to do things properly and professionally, I was spamming all over the place. I posted to groups every day with my buy this, it’s amazing, join that, you’ll get rich! You know the post’s I’m talking about right? I private messaged EVERY friend on my Facebook friends list the exact same message, being careful to change the name! I posted every single day on my profile, made sure nearly every post had the company logo on there somewhere, to ‘Be a product of the product’ and ‘Spread the word of this amazing company and their products!’

But there was just one problem… My messages rarely received any replies. The only people liking or commenting on my Facebook status were people already in the business. Posting my business opportunity and products in groups just got no response whatsoever! And even my sister told me how annoying and boring my posts were! My poor Facebook friends! I’d tell her ‘I need to do it, it’s for business’.

Did I gain new customers? NO! Did I gain new sign ups? NO! Were people messaging me curious to know more? NO! DID I MAKE ANY MONEY? NO!

I joke around with my like minded network marketing friends calling myself a ‘Recovering Spamaholic’. They were all in the same boat too. It appears almost EVERY network marketer goes through this extremely ineffective and pointless phase when they begin the journey online and using social media.

I eventually found my way and things got moving. I set up my Online Marketing Tips Community on Facebook back in August to try to help other struggling network marketers out. It’s also a good way for me to build my warm market and brand. I give out free tips every day and all I ask for is a bit of engagement and for people to stick to the RULES! They are simple… ‘No mention of company names and NO SPAM!’

This brings me onto my RANT! I’ve had many people request to join the group (I never randomly add anyone by the way, another Facebook NO NO) and some have just posted their opportunity posts in there! I’ve messaged them to tell them my group is for training and support and strictly no spam. Guess what?! A few days later, they do it AGAIN! You can really waste your time on some people!!!

Do they seriously think they are going to be able to grow and become successful in their online business by pissing people off and spamming all over the place?! I’m very supportive of those who are spamming but want a better way, want to learn how to do things properly. But THESE! These people who you try to help and return the favor by SPAMMING your group! These people will eventually QUIT network marketing because ‘It doesn’t work’. Tried to warn and help you!

To really make a network marketing business work, you need a duplicatable system for your team to follow. If you don’t have that, your business won’t grow and you can say goodbye to that future residual income. Anyone can spam a group, but it doesn’t work so is NOT duplicatable. Instead learn how to do things properly and show your team how to do the same.

You also need to brand yourself and not your company. Post’s with your company name or logo all over them don’t exactly make people curious anyway do they? They don’t need to ask what you do, it’s already in plain sight! People buy and join people, not company’s. Give value to your audience and make them curious about what you do, you want them to ask you, right?

Get started on Facebook with my Social Biz Builder Boot Camp. I show you exactly what has worked for me and what I teach my team including branding. I grew my network/friends list from 500 to almost 3000 and I’ve probably only sent about 300 friend requests out myself! I’ve recruited around 50 people into a few opportunities and the biggest team has grown to almost 500. So this is duplication! It works for me AND my team.

Try my Social Biz Builder Boot Camp for yourself, it’s free!

Rant over 😉

Love you all and thanks for reading! Please share if you got value (or think a few people need some duplication tips!)

Speak soon,


P.S If you’d like to learn how to brand yourself online, generate leads, get more sales and sign ups in your business then CLICK HERE. If you haven’t joined my Online Marketing Tips Community on Facebook yet, then you should! It’s a great place to be for all online network marketers, where I share my free tips daily and offer support and motivation to all! :)


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