Branding YOU! Where To Start?


A lot of the leaders in the online world talk about branding yourself but I find a lot of the people I speak to get a bit stuck on this so I hope to simplify it in this post!

First of all, why is it so important? There are many different reasons for this…

People join and buy from people, not companies. People want to know what you’re about and how you can help them and you can show all of this through your branding.

When you start branding yourself, instead of your company, it leaves people wanting to know more about you, what you do and what company you work for. Branding your company all over social media doesn’t leave anything to the imagination so there’s no curiosity to know more… A quick search on Google is all it takes and they’re either put off with the bad reviews… Or buy from the site or someone else (Hey, they only saw your post so probably can’t remember your name!)

If you’re jumping ship a lot and always starting new ventures… People notice this and will not join you. Why? I have friends who do this and I’ve given up trying to teach them that they should be branding themselves. Want to know how I see them from a business point of view? This may hurt but is not personal! (I love all my friends!) I see them as unprofessional, uncoachable and unsuccessful. I would never join them in business… They’ve proved themselves to be this way! Need I say more?!

It gives you authority online (especially if you start your own blog) Grab your copy of the Bloggers Road map here if you need a step by step guide on starting and creating a successful blog!

People will remember you and start to follow you. Leading with value and giving your audience what they want, will have them coming back for more!

Ok so I’m hoping I’ve convinced you that you need to brand yourself when building an online/network marketing business?!

So where do you start?

The first step is to choose your niche. What do you promote? What can you teach? What are you passionate about?

The next step is to establish your target audience. Be as specific as possible with this. Who are they? Occupation, age range, gender, their interests etc. Who would want what you have to offer?

Then you need to find out what their struggles are and create content that solves their problem? This will require some research. You could check out questions in forums relevant to your niche. You could simply ask them?! Maybe create a questionnaire using Always lead with value. Give your audience information, knowledge that they would perceive as valuable. This will attract people to you and your brand.

It’s also important to bear in mind that your brand will evolve over time. I started out as Kirsty L Smith as I had a good mentor to teach me this. But things have changed over time with who I want to serve, the niche I choose to work in and even the colours I want in my branding and marketing. (Check out my new header! I created it just this week with this amazing tool! 😊… Lots more to do too!… See, still working on it!)

Last (and super important) note… Get on with it. Start planning it out now. Discover who you are, your core values… And the rest will follow. You don’t need to be an expert, you don’t need to be perfect, you don’t need to have everything ready and perfectly planned out. You don’t need to spend months researching and training… That’s just getting yourself stuck in learning mode!

Instead, spend a day or 2 planning this out, doing your research, building you brand, one block at a time… Then take action. Create a content plan with a few ideas to get started… And be consistent.

There you go! Nothing fancy, nothing techie… Just you, all that’s needed!

Hope you got value? Let me know in the comments 😀

See you soon!

Kirsty :)

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  • Yvonne Hyde

    Reply Reply April 24, 2017

    Great post! I am just in the process of learning to brand me. It’s a new concept to me, so this was very helpful.

    • kirstylsmith

      Reply Reply May 17, 2017

      So glad you found it helpful Yvonne :)

      Your brand will no doubt evolve over time, as you do too.

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