Are You Putting In All The Work But Not Seeing The Results? Then You NEED To Work On This…


It’s the school holiday’s here in sunny North Yorkshire and I’ve spent most of this week whooping the kids butts on the Playstation game ‘Buzz Jungle Party’… I’ve always told them it’s the taking part that counts but secretly, I’m IN IT TO WIN IT! Muhahaha!

It’s the same with business, I’m in it to win it! Are you?

Are you putting in all the work… Consistent daily action… But still not seeing the results? Things not moving fast enough? Not ‘winning’? Still SKINT?!

It could be this one thing stopping you in your tracks…

Your ‘Money Mindset’…

That is, your relationship with money, how you ‘feel’ about money.

A while ago I felt like this…

Money is bad. Money is evil. Having money changes you into a horrible person. I only need enough to survive, to pay the bills and have a little left over for some treats. I don’t ‘need’ handbags, shoes, designer clothes, fancy holidays, cars or a house ‘too big’ for us. People who want ‘more’ are greedy! We don’t ‘need’ all that stuff! I have even been guilty of questioning close friends and family on their purchase decisions… Why do you need all that stuff? Money doesn’t make you happy. Do you have similar thoughts???

I was coming from a place of lack. A place of jealousy. I may not want the latest designer handbag, gadget or pair of shoes but that’s because I’m not a shoe’s, handbag or gadget kinda girl! What I do want is the laptop lifestyle. A lifestyle where I can come and go as I please, when I please! To live from a suitcase if and when I CHOOSE! To home educate Kahlan around the world. To take my boys on lots of amazing adventures. To make the most of my life and inspire others (especially my kids) to do the same! :)

And I couldn’t do ANY of this without MONEY! Money isn’t the root of all evil. Money is a tool to get you what you want, to get you where you want, to get you the things you want. To pay the rent, to pay the bills, to buy food, to put petrol in the car for a day out etc etc etc. We all need it and we all want more! Unless you’re Mark Boyle of course LOL

It’s ok to want MORE! It’s ok to buy ‘stuff’. It’s ok to want things you don’t necessarily ‘need’. It’s ok to be ‘skint happy’ and it’s ok to be ‘rich happy’. But if you want more money then how you think and feel about money needs to change! It isn’t going to happen overnight though…

Let me tell you my experience and what has been working for me…

Recently I had had a bit of a poor week income wise and had got behind on a few bills, I was starting to stress a bit but kept telling myself ‘It will come’. I’d been learning and doing a lot of work on my positive affirmations and also learnt a ‘Manifestation Ritual’ from my coach. All you have to do is come up with a short statement, something you want to ‘manifest’ into your life. In one sitting you need to write this out 55 times and repeat for 5 days. If you miss a day you have to start again!

On the evening of day 4, when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, I made some cash matched betting, YAY! Then I checked Paypal and some commissions I’d earnt the month before had been paid in! Double bonus!

Then on day 5 I had a beauty maintenance appointment, which I did NOT want to sacrifice as it’s one of the ONLY things I do for myself! LOL Anyway, telling myself it will all come right and pushing out ANY negative thoughts, I took the money out of the bank and went to my appointment. I had one box left to fill in on my loyalty card, where I get the next treatment at half price… But she took it and gave me that treatment at half price! Which left me a tenner up :)

We needed some bread so I popped into the supermarket and had a little walk around and noticed some of the ‘paraben free’ shampoo (expensive stuff!) on special offer… My hubby hates my shampoo and has been pestering me to get some for him but we don’t go for the chemical laden stuff so I told him he’d have to wait until we had some spare cash! I grabbed them at a bargain price and still had change left over from the tenner that was going to be spent on my beauty appointment anyway!

It might seem really small but when you don’t have much it’s amazing when this stuff happens and I put it ALL down to my daily positive affirmations and the manifestation ritual I had done. I felt so thankful…

So next time you’re struggling with the bills or feeling negative towards someone who has what you want… STOP! The universe really does PROVIDE and it works by whatever you think and feel. What you put out, you get back.

It’s human nature to want more. We accomplish one goal and then set a bigger one. Just always remember to be grateful for what you already have. ( And don’t tell me you have nothing, a pet HATE of mine!) Are you starving and sleeping rough on the streets?! No? Then you have A LOT more than you think :)

Are you going to try out the manifestation ritual? And/or the affirmations? I hope so! Let me know how it goes?

Kirsty :)

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