So…. I sat down with the career’s advice teacher in my 4th Year of secondary school and she asked me ‘Where do you want to go for your work experience?’ Shrugging my shoulders I told her ‘I dunno, just stick me in a café somewhere’. I had no idea what I wanted to do or what I wanted from life, all I wanted to do was hang out with friends! I ended up in a hairdressers on the high street of my home town Northallerton. I absolutely loved it! After my 2 weeks of work experience they offered me a Saturday job. When it was time to finally leave school forever I managed to impress my boss’ and bagged myself an apprenticeship in hairdressing at that very salon! It was great, I loved it. My Saturday night’s out and the extra cash made up for the long hours I had to work in the week. I had been there 5 months when I found out I was pregnant with my first son Harley. It was a big shock to my 16 year old system but we all adjusted pretty quickly. The plan was to work hard, get my head down at college and qualify as soon as possible. Don’t let God know your plans! I got to about 6 months pregnant and couldn’t take anymore. I couldn’t sit, couldn’t stand, spent some days crying for no reason until finally my boss suggested taking sick leave.

A beautiful bundle of joy later……. I couldn’t go back, couldn’t bare the thought of leaving my baby all week and only being there to tuck him in at night, so I left. I handed my notice in and said goodbye to the salon, my lovely boss’, colleagues and my career. No qualifications, but a gorgeous baby boy. My new job was being a mum and a very happy one at that!

In between baby no.1 and baby no.2 (another son, Freddie), I had tried all sorts of different ways of working around them…. Avon, Kleeneze, Ann Summers partie’s and eventually got a job in a shoe shop. It was nice to get out and the geek in me loved delivery day, sorting through mountains of boxes of shoes, but again I wanted to stay at home with the baby! So I handed in my notice and did just that.

After a couple of years my relationship with the boys dad ended and I was a single mother, jobless and on income support. I met a wonderful man and found happiness. My youngest started nursery and I knew it was only a matter of time before the jobcentre would be pestering me to get a job! I went to college with the aim to get into uni and become a midwife….. That was until I realised the long and unpredictable hours I would have to put in wouldn’t suit me, so I changed my mind. Youth work, I could do that! I got the grades and secured my place at uni! A few months down the line I changed my mind again. Three whole years of studying for a £20k a year job, no thanks! So on with the job hunt!

After a year of tears, phoning all the cafe’s, pub’s, shop’s and filling in every job application form I could possibly find, I eventually got a job in a sandwich shop after a drunken interview in the local pub! The hours were during school times and I was happy. The only problem was that all the years of pleasing myself meant I wasn’t very good at taking orders! Haha! I ended up getting sacked, oh dear! I was pretty devastated and ended up at my Dad’s, where I was cleaning for a bit of extra cash, crying my little heart out. He suggested putting out some ads for more cleaning jobs and that is where my self employment journey started.

It went great for 5 years but I started to get a little bored and felt very unfulfilled. At the age of 27 I rolled onto a Reflexology night class at college and found my calling. I then went on to do massage and reiki courses and convinced my husband to build me a summer house in the garden so I could work from home. After 3 months of opening we got the very surprising news that we were PREGNANT!!! Going full circle here, you know what’s coming….. I wanted to stay at home with the baby! So there began my search for an income, an income where I don’t have to leave the baby OR work for someone else! I searched and searched the internet all through my pregnancy……..

With my beautiful daughter in my arms, I sit here, in front of my pc writing this. This is where my new journey begins………

I look forward to sharing my online income journey with you all :-)

Kirsty xxx