6 Steps To Sponsoring Success! Part 2


Continuing on from my last post, where I shared step’s 1-3 of the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence

Here are step’s 4-6 :)

Step 4… Comment

Facebook is all about engagement! They want you to stay on Facebook for as long as possible. They have revenue coming in, such as advertising and games, so they don’t want you leaving! So of course, the more engagement a post is getting, the more it will be shown.

Facebook have an algorithm, which works by showing you the posts they think you want to see. Only around 7% of our Facebook friends will actually be shown our posts!

There is a way to beat it though and that is through engagement! So what you need to be doing first of all, is creating content that your target audience (your community/group) will LOVE! I spoke about this in step 1, which you can read HERE.

Another thing you should be doing daily, is engaging with your audience… Just 20-30 minutes per day, scrolling through your news feed, liking and commenting on posts. This will in turn make sure more people are seeing your posts! Such a simple task but sometimes over looked!

If you want 6 Facebook Status Idea’s To Increase Engagement, watch my Facebook LIVE!

Step 5… Communicate

Next step is communicating. Building the relationship with your new connections is so important. You need to keep your posture in the conversation, be a good listener and ask questions. Guide the conversation to where you want it to go, but first, ask the right questions so you can figure out what their pains problems and challenges are.

Depending on your business/businesses, depends on what you can offer them. I am a huge fan of multiple streams of income so have many solutions to offer my prospects, such as free guides and training’s, paid coaching and various opportunities. So your job here would be to build the relationship, discover their pain and offer a solution, which could be an invite to have a look at your opportunity.

Step 6… Close

The final step is CLOSE. A lot of people miss the mark here! Many don’t follow up at all! You need to follow up and collect their decision. Some people won’t answer you, leave it 24 hours, they may have been busy and forgotten, it does happen! But some will just ignore you anyway. Some will be a no and others will need more time to think. When this happens, ask them ‘What do you need to be a yes?’ Then go find it (if you can!)

But please, don’t focus on results, don’t worry about the rejection, just focus on the daily ACTION! The results will come, I promise!

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