6 Steps To Sponsoring Success! Part 1


Well, the clocks went back over the weekend here in the UK and it’s taking a bit of getting used to! Kahlan’s bedtime routine has had to change a bit and I’m not too keen on these dark nights! I love being all cozy at home though :)

I hope you found my Instagram tips useful? It’s one of the methods I use to ‘CAPTURE’ people into my community on Facebook, which is also step 2 of the 6 step sponsoring sequence!

I bought this course just a couple of months back and it has really helped to build my business online, brand myself and sponsor more people into my network marketing business, I love it! So I’m going to tell you a bit more about it and hopefully it will help you too!

You can download the ‘Online Network Marketers Blueprint’ here… It’s a free resource which goes through the 6 steps with some awesome training video’s :)

The aim of the 6 step sponsoring sequence is to generate leads for your business for FREE! Since I’ve been using this, I’ve been generating between 30-50 new leads per week! A lead is basically someone you can speak to, build up a relationship with and turn into a potential prospect. In the short time I’ve been using this method, I’ve signed up 6 people into my business opportunities, so it works!

Step 1… CREATE

I’ve spoke about this before… Creating content. Giving something of VALUE to your target audience inside your own Facebook Community. You need to base your content around solving their pains, problems and challenges. A great way to come up with idea’s for your content is to use Ray Higdon’s ILT method (Invest, Learn, Teach) You don’t need to be an expert to teach anything, or master what you have learnt, just teach it back! It really does build up the know, like and trust factor, which is so important when building your network marketing or any business. Video’s are the best, especially LIVE video’s but you can also write blog posts/articles, do webinars, podcasts, create images or even written status updates… They all work well.


When you’ve set up your group and started creating content, you need to start bringing in members. Capturing them into your community, willingly! LOL You can do this by simply posting teaser posts on your Facebook profile/Fan Page, telling them what you are teaching/talking about in your community that week. You can use other social media’s, like I do with Instagram, to tempt them over. Creating ‘mini’ pieces of content that will attract them to you. Blog posts are great too, a simple link to your community inside your blog post telling them what they will get as members of your community. In your email signature when writing to your list. Youtube video’s with a link to your community in the description. So many possibilities!


When members start joining your community, it’s time to connect with them. It’s good to have a welcome post inside your community where you can tag your new members and well, make them feel welcome! Then send them a friend request and welcome them personally into your community and start building the relationship :)

This is NOT the time to be pitching your business though!

I’ll reveal the next 3 steps in my next blog post. If you can’t wait for that, then join my Facebook Community, where I’ve been sharing daily training video’s about the 6 step sponsoring sequence this week! :)

Until then…



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