5 Super Simple Productivity Tips To Get MORE Done In LESS Time!


It’s almost a year since I first started my online journey and when I look back I think one of my biggest struggles was a mix of planning, being productive with my time and/or feeling overwhelmed!

Do you struggle with this?

Over the year I’ve gone through phases where I could spend the whole day messing around on Facebook, or stuck in training mode and not implementing what I’d learnt.

Other weeks my house would be in complete chaos, no clothes to wear because they’re all in the wash basket. ‘I’ll do it later’ piles of papers, bits and pieces and random stuff that’s just not been put back in its home.

Then I’d have ‘super organised phases’, where I’d have ‘to do’ lists and get everything done through the day. My house would be clean and tidy and I’d even have the hubby’s tea on the table when he came through the door!

Those kind of days never lasted much longer than a week though! Lol

I always intended to work towards time freedom  (and financial freedom too!) But I was scarifying so much … and not really moving as fast as I’d like! I needed to get more productive, I needed to make better use of my time and stop procrastinating!  We all do that don’t we? Avoid the jobs and tasks we like the least! All needs to be done though!

Let’s face it, the bills aren’t going away and we aren’t getting any younger!

So here are 5 super simple productivity tips to get MORE done in LESS time!

  1. Figure out your office hours. Working ‘when you can’ is a must some days, I understand,  I have Kahlan LOL But it isn’t the most productive use of our time. Figure out when you want to work, have family time, do housework, go shopping etc and schedule it in. You might find getting up an hour earlier to get the bulk of your work done in peace helps?
  2. Don’t try to do EVERYTHING! You will work yourself into the ground and burn out. It’s happened to me and is not nice! Delegate tasks like housework, cooking, shopping etc. You can also outsource some of your work at places like fiver.com , odesk.com , upwork.com. Things like creating watermarked images, scheduling social media posts, creating ebook etc. If you have a really good think I bet there’s loads you good delegate :)
  3. Pick 3 main marketing strategies and master them. I would always start with one as it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the information out there! It could be Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram,  YouTube,  blogging, email marketing etc etc. Master one and move onto the next. You know you have mastered one when you are generating 5-20+ leads from it per day.
  4. Have no more than 5 tasks on your to do list each day. In the past, my to do lists have been pages long! I never seemed to be able to cross everything off in the day it seemed! Hmmmmm. .. Having just 3 tasks on there has made it so much easier. 3 is my number, my ‘non negotiable’ tasks. So keep your to do list short and focus on the income producing activities first.
  5. Set a timer for each task and be SUPER LATER FOCUSED in that time. You will get so much more done by doing this! The pomodoro technique uses a 25 minute timer and focuses on those 25 minutes of solid focused work and then a 5 minute break, where you literally WALK AWAY from the computer and grab a glass of water or stretch your legs! This one works a treat! :)

I’m working on a coaching course right now, ready to launch in April. Inside, I’ll be giving lots more tips on productivity, helping you set the perfect schedule to free up your time, as well as mindset training, working on your vision, your why and goal setting. Helping you to break it all down into simple daily tasks. Also work on personal branding and getting YOU visible online and weekly 1 on 1 calls for accountability or just to ask any questions… If this sounds like something you need right now then  contact me for further information :)

Have a great day!


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